Is It Wise To Obey Blindly?

Is It Wise To Obey Blindly?


Say: Are the blind and the seeing alike? Or can the darkness and the light be equal?
Do you take them besides Him guardians who do not control any profit or harm for themselves?
(The Holy Quran 13: 16)

Obey someone who himself is truly guided
(The Holy Quran 36:21)

Is it wise to obey racists nowadays?

دوباره امتحان کنید


دانشگاه بیرمنگهام انگلستان ثابت کرد که قرآن تحریف نشده است ‏

به تازگی قدیمی ترین متن قرآن که برروی پوست بزنگاشته شده وقدمت آن به زمان …

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