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Pairing Theory In Quran

Pairing Theory In Quran

And of everything we have created pairs that you may be mindful.
The holy Quran 51:49

The Holy Quran informs us about the pairing theory of everything that is solid.
In regards to the word “pair” in this context it is said that whatever exists in the world is one of a pair. Meaning each thing has an opposite, completing half, and a coexisting being or in any case a specified combination of itself and another coexistent. The existence of protons and electrons in atoms, the presence of two electrons in up and down spins in each orbital, the discovery of matter and antimatter with opposite charges are all examples of pairing in this world.

Doesn’t the fact that the knowledge of the pairing theory of solids being discovered centuries after the revelation of the Quran, attest to the integrity of the Holy Quran?



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