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Plant’s breathing Cycles in Quran

Plant's breathing Cycles in Quran

And the night as it dissipates
And the Dawn as it breathes away the darkness
Holy Quran 81:17 &18

Recognition of the complicated photosynthesis mechanism was one of the discoveries of the 20th century. This phenomenon is the process of production and circulation of Oxygen in nature between human and plants.
During the photosynthesis process plants use carbon dioxide of the air and produce oxygen instead. The most volume of the output Oxygen releases at the sunrise, that plants have perspired strongly and need respiration. It is like that in the mornings the lungs of the sky are full of Oxygen. This phenomenon is such important that the Quran has sworn in the morning as it breathes in a thousand years ago.
And this is a strong sign that shows the integrity of this divine book.

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